Management System

Supremely intuitive, simple to use, built for the web and dedicated to growing your business through happy customers – this is a Lotto Management System made the Kootac way. Our superb suite of lottery platform back office solutions combines Customer Relationship Management, Business Analytics and Promotion Management, all in one world-beating package that delivers the insights that matter most to you and your customers. Take a closer look at exactly what our Lotto Management System has to offer.

Wide range of ready-to-deploy promotions available in 12 languages including graphic design, FAQs, Terms & Conditions

Campaigns targeted at pre-defined customer groups based on behavior data - built to attract new players and to retain existing customers

Yearly Promotion Calendar clearly and comprehensively charting your promotional activity

Promotion History facilitates comparison of current and historical promotion performance - helps identify potential challenges and opportunities


Offering a positive user experience is key to retaining your existing customers – and also to attracting new ones.

Our Customer Relationship Manager API gives you the power to react smartly to trends, sell effectively and build long-term customer relationships that are personalized and predictive across marketing and sales.

Connecting Kootac's platform to a CRM system is a great tool to identify customer’s lifecycle and milestones along the path throughout their relationship with your brand. Some of the many ways in which you can use this data to your commercial advantage include analysing customer groups to identify playing trends, offering rewards to your most valuable customers, and using targeted marketing to win back those who have stopped playing.

Promotion Manager

Kootac’s Promotion Manager is a fully integrated promotion-planning solution, built to maximize your brand visibility and increase your conversion rate.

Our system lets you plan and manage your promotions in exceptionally fine detail, from customizing targeting options and budget limits to auditing and comparing campaigns once they have run their course.

Promotion Manager provides access to an expertly crafted range of promotional campaigns, optimised to ensure you receive exceptional conversions. These ready-to-run promotions are proven to be loved by online lotto customers – and highly lucrative for operators.

Business Analytics Manager

Our BAM system allows you to view detailed system reports and game analytics that will serve as valuable measuring tools to help you better manage your business. With our solution you will easily track and analyse the entire life cycle of each draw in real time. The process of monitoring sales and winnings has never been so intuitive.

Our intelligent and user friendly system provides in-depth reporting and statistics covering sales, revenues, costs, audits, winnings, bonuses, draw history, marketing reports and more. From the first ticket sold to the last prize paid out. Business Analytics Manager gives you a holistic view of the events that drive your business. Ultimately, this means you can manage efficiently, drive sales productivity and stay that one crucial step ahead of the competition.

  • Live streaming data
  • In-depth reporting and statistics
  • User management
  • Pre-defined customer groups
  • Draw management
  • Multiple languages support
  • Ready-to-deploy campaigns
  • High-conversion marketing tools
  • Yearly promotion calendar
  • Free ticket
  • Cashback sign up bonus
  • Discounts
  • Exclusive voucher codes
  • Customizable deposit bonus
  • Risk-free bets
Live data
Sales & retention tools
Fees calculation