Lottery Platform

Kootac’s sophisticated lottery solution is your winning ticket to the online lotto industry’s top table. Launch a world class online lottery brand and start earning unbeatable profit margin with our game-changing platform.

The ultimate user experience

Our strong focus on winning opportunities, fun and customer satisfaction is one of the reasons why we are able to provide one of the best online lottery experience on the market.

With cutting-edge design for all mobile devices and support for special mobile features, our platform brings the world's biggest jackpots at your players' fingertips at any time, in any place, creating a world of lotteries without boundaries.

Offering the best ticket prices online and first-class customer support, our platform is a genuine pleasure to use.

Player benefits & VIP reward

Increase your conversion rate with our player benefits and VIP rewards – tried, tested and loved by online lotto players around the world. Our fully optimized promotional campaigns are built to attract new players whilst retaining existing customers. Deploy them and watch both your hit rate and your conversions soar.

We’re passionate about ensuring our players get that little bit extra when they use our service, whether they win or lose. With promotions including our Welcome bonus, Refer a friend, Deposit bonus and many more, our platform offers far more than the chance to win a life-changing jackpot.

Trust & Security

KOOTAC is a well established and fully licensed gambling operator offering a seamless and safe lottery experience from sign-up to pay-out, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied players served to date.

Using the world-leading digital security certificates, SSL encryption, combined with regular security audits, we ensure that the only time our players ever feel tense is when their numbers are being called!

The security of the player and the operator is always our primary concern, which is why we store personal data securely, use safe payment systems and ensure complete transparency in your clients’ transactions.

Flexible ticket buying system

We maximize ticket sales and customer satisfaction by offering four different ways to play lotto via our online platform: single entry, multi draw, subscription, or as a syndicate member. This flexible solution gives players the freedom to enjoy more options, which results in grater user experience and increases revenues for operators.

Single entry

Single draw entry is the quickest and easiest way to play, typically chosen by first-time users, and therefore an important conversion tool. We’ve kept the process inclusive by letting players choose between manually selecting their own lucky numbers using an accessible number picker interface, or playing with randomized lines. The whole process takes just three clicks.

Multi draw

Multi draw play lets the user enter every draw over a weeklong period for a certain lotto. This reduces the chance of lottery lovers who enter the same numbers regularly accidentally missing draws, which appeals to the player and ensures high and dependable revenue for the operator.


At the click of their cursor, players can turn their entry into a customizable subscription lasting from 4 weeks to a whole year. This ideal option for regular players offers discounted play and hassle free entry into any lottery. Subscriptions are great for operators too, providing a reliable, regular revenue stream and guaranteeing repeat custom.


Our syndicate products delight players by increasing their chances of winning the lottery by purchasing multiple tickets at a shared cost. Huge combined jackpots, attractive discounts and massively shortened odds attract high levels of customer interest, making our high-margin syndicates the operator’s most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool for customer retention.

Engaging product presentation

Our cleanly and engagingly presented range of world-leading lotteries and captivating syndicate set-ups is a proven winner with lotto players around the world. With draws taking place every day, we offer a compelling user experience; as the massive jackpots just keep on coming, the players just keep on playing.

Special Boosterball feature

KOOTAC’s unique Boosterball feature is designed to increase engagement and sales whilst adding an extra layer of excitement for the user. Players can win up to € 10.000 by picking three of their regular lottery numbers and adding an extra stake from € 1 - € 10.

Tickets & insured bets

We serve players with a combination of traditional lottery tickets and insured bets to minimise ticket costs for the operator. This model is a winning combination of security for the end-user, guaranteeing his winnings; with the commercially advantageous opportunity for the operator to cleverly maximise profit.

Variety of website skins

Our ready-to-roll, conversion rate optimised website templates come with a wide variety of customizable skins, so you can choose the perfect fit for your brand. We create an exceptional first impression with on-trend, sales-focused graphic design.

Comprehensive billing system

Our payment system supports a comprehensive array of global payment processing providers and all major credit and debit cards, eWallets and bank wire transfers, offering safe, simple and speedy transactions for your customers.