iFrame Integration

Are you a traditional online gaming operator? Benefit from integrating Lotto as a new or complimentary product! Kootac’s iFrame solution will help you to grow your revenues and maximise your website’s potential.

Mass-market & soft-sell product

Easy cross-sell with your existing products

Massive reduction in your CPA

Increase in player loyalty

Exclusive access to player data

Impeccable user interface

A new product vertical

Adding lucrative lotto games to your iGaming site via an iFrame integration creates a whole new product vertical, without adding needless complexity to your daily operations. Lotteries are highly cross-compatible with other betting games. They’re the ideal cross-sell, perfectly pitched to attract extra purchases and increase overall player loyalty with their weekly draws.

Lotto is a soft-sell product, with broad public uptake that extends far beyond the audience for slots, casino and poker-type games. This much-loved game can be the bridge between a website like yours and the far wider audience it deserves. Many gaming site operators have already bolstered their success by integrating our peerless online lottery system, and you too could benefit from the same service. We’re offering you an immaculate, no-fuss integration, sustained growth and a whole new market segment to tap into. In a nutshell, we’re offering you a shot at the jackpot.

Your business, our system

We are the iGaming industry’s leading experts in providing lotto solutions for traditional online gaming operators.

We will directly integrate our top-performing lottery games – proven to be successful in high-level production contexts – with your existing website.

Our integration system is incredibly simple. We use a slick, smart iFrame solution to deliver the best in international lotto to customers using your website. You keep your earnings, you keep your player information, you keep control of your business – we simply draw on our expert knowledge and technical resources to make the product work, beautifully well.

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Direct game integration

Simple collaboration is at the heart of our lottery game integrations. We cover the technical aspects that underpin the product, from software, hardware and server hosting; you take care of your customers, marketing and business administration. This responsibility-share model has been many years in the making, and we think we’re onto a winner.

With Kootac, the integration process is super-fast and cost-effective. Once the job is done, we will stay out of your way. All payments remain under your control, you retain full and exclusive access to your user data and personal details, and you and your customers will be ready to enjoy the mutual benefits of an exceptional new product. We’ll stay out of the picture so long as we don’t need to be in it – but if you require technical support or expert guidance at any point, our team will be just a phone call away.

Why choose iFrame Integration

Lucrative lotto games provide traditional iGaming site operators with an opportunity for sensational long-term conversions and easy cross-selling with other gaming products. Lotto is a mass-market, soft-sell product with the power to slash your CPA and widen your brand appeal.

Loved by players

Your first priority as a business will always be pleasing your clients, and our lottery iFrame will do exactly that. Our world-leading lottery platform provides bets on the outcomes of some of the greatest lotteries of all time, including EuroMillions, Powerball, MegaMillions and EuroJackpot. These are the biggest names in international lottery, and we can make them available to your players, through your website.

The iFrame integration we’re offering you supports 12 languages, including Chinese, English, German and Spanish, opening up your business to a huge share of the global population. When we say this product is loved by players, we mean players everywhere! Lottery has a mass-market appeal that’s unrivalled by all other iGaming products – isn’t it about time you tapped into all that potential?

Our players aren’t just happy – they’re loyal. The inherent regularity of lottery draws stimulates habitual gameplay unlike any other betting product, which ensures a dependable influx of revenue for the operator whenever a draw takes place.

Lucrative revenues

Our iFrame solution combines real ticket purchases with a unique insured lottery bets model, ensuring attractive margins for operators and guaranteed winnings for players. This is the model we use with our own lottery sites, and we’ve found that it keeps costs unbeatably low.

And not only are the costs associated with our lottery products low: the revenues are high and sustained. The games we offer are proven to increase player loyalty, facilitate valuable cross-selling and contribute to player value across your whole range. Ultimately, they will boost your conversion rate and slash your CPA.

Your website may be performing well as it is, but adding a new revenue stream through an iFrame lottery integration will help you take it to the next level. Why settle for earning big when you could be earning bigger?

Professionalism in every detail

Kootac’s iFrame solution allows you to wow your customers with impeccable user interfaces and graphic design elements, including conversion rate optimised layouts and customizable skins, which allow you to keep your site’s appearance in line with your own brand.

Professionalism has been our top priority at every stage of devising, designing and delivering our iFrame lottery product, and professionalism is what you get: a dazzling product for your customers and a well-oiled system that runs quietly in the background, while you focus on running a thriving business.

This is your chance to upgrade your gaming site with a digital lottery product – years in the making – that now stands as one of the most successful products of its type in the iGaming industry.

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