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Give your players the best online lotto experience on the market with our cutting-edge Lottery platform. Over a decade in the making, our game-changing platform is the key to unlocking phenomenal revenue, industry-leading conversions and generous profit margins.


€170 Average affiliate earning per player

Tap into the lucrative affiliates market with our versatile administrators’ toolkit. The Kootac solution gives you the means to establish your own affiliate program, intelligently engineered to boost profitability.

The Kootac affiliates system provides you with holistic oversight of your affiliates program through in-depth analytics and real-time conversion tracking. Monetize your lotto website on your own terms through this industry-leading system!

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iFrame / API

25 Proven lottery products to choose from

Our elegant iFrame API integrations allow you to incorporate our world-beating lotto games into your existing website. You get the best product today, without having to build it from the ground up.

We’ll provide you with: High-performance system, Brand new products for your range, Seamless integration with your own website plus Full and exclusive access to your user data and personal details.

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The Kootac Platform is built around the best-loved, biggest money lotteries in the world. Our fantastic set of products and gameplay options is beautifully packaged in a fun, friendly and vibrant visual environment to sky-high engagement and inspire long-term player loyalty. This combination of standard lotteries and exciting syndicate models is a proven winner and we’re happy to tailor your own portfolio to your users’ needs.

With draws taking place every day, we offer a compelling user experience; as the endless massive jackpots just keep on coming, the players just keep on playing.

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It’s no secret amongst lotto lovers who like to play it smart that syndicate betting is a fantastic way for players to improve their chances of winning a significant sum of money.

When a group of players choose to bet as a syndicate, instead of playing a single ticket they’re sharing a whole bunch of tickets with other lottery fans, each of which features a different number combination. If any of the tickets win a prize in the draw, the prize money is shared out equally between the players in the syndicate.

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Kootac offers a comprehensive set of services, founded on over a decade's experience at the absolute cutting edge of the online lottery industry. We're constantly developing our platform, products and services to ensure our clients get the very best out of their online lottery businesses. We offer:

  • Virtual and real tickets support
  • Stunning design solutions
  • Non-stop technical service
  • Fraud prevention & alerts
  • Multilingual customer support
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Business Analytics

Our superb suite of lottery platform back office solutions combines Customer Relationship Management, Business Analytics and Promotion Management, all in one world-beating package that delivers the insights that matter most to you.

  • In-depth reporting and statistics
  • Live streaming data
  • Ready-to-deploy campaigns
  • High-conversion marketing tools
  • Yearly promotion calendar
Business Analytics